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40MA2 – this is Moxon type antenna.
The elements are 15.5 m of length. The boom is 6.3m.
Wire parts of the antenna are made of strong bimetall wires.

  • Input impedance of the antenna is nearly 50 Ω. Your 50-ohm coax connects to split driver directly, although you may use the 1:1 balun is a good choice.
  • The elements are suspending by bimetall wires, which serves like linear loading. In horizontal plane the elements are supporting by strong polyesther rope.
  • The strong boom has steel guy wires with turnbuckles.
  • This antenna uses special optimization for low SWR in 200 Khz. RW2F testes this antenna in the several contests. The Front-to-Back is 20-25 dB  on 7010-7080 khz.
  • Parameters are:
    Gain on 22mH – 11 dBi
    F/B – 16 dB. 
    SWR 1.5 - 1.0 - 1.3 (7.000 – 7.100 – 7.200)
  • Shipping package is one box 201х21х17 cm. Weight 21 kilos.
  • Rotors like Yaesu G-800 or AlfaSpid RAU are OK to turn this antenna.



Customer Reviews:

IU4FIT@GMAIL.COM  (Thursday, 19 September 2019)
Rating: 5
Antenna eccellente. Materiali eccezionali, Grazie ai disegni forniti, il montaggio è facilissimo. Rispettando le misure indicate nei disegni e alla
giusta altezza dal suolo il ROS è garantito come da descrizione.

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