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Contact conductive paste KPP
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Contact conductive paste KPP

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One of the effective ways to reduce electric energy losses in contact connections is the use of contact conducting paste.
Using the contact conducting paste allows you to reduce the electrical resistance of the contact by increasing the area of contacting. Paste is working regardless of the type of current and frequency values.

  • Non-toxic;
  • Designed for all type of electrical contact connections of DC and AC;
  • It is an effective protection of the contact connection from the negative environmental factors;
  • Increases the contact surface;
  • Reduces the electrical resistance of the contact;
  • Stabilizes the temperature regime of the contact connection during operation;
  • Ensures the stability of electrical characteristics over time;
  • Increases the life of electrical contacts and reduces labor costs for repair and maintenance of electric networks.

The paste recipe is an electrically conductive mixture of a metal filler with organic binders and has high, stable in time, electrical conductivity.

Applying a contact paste to the metal surface provides long-term protection of electrical contact from various physicochemical processes occurring during operation.

The use of paste reduces labor costs for maintenance of contact connections, increases the interval between repair and maintenance work.

  • Ingredients: mineral oil, thickeners, electrical conductive composition.
  • Range of operating temperatures: from -40 to +100 ° C.
  • Weight of packaging: 0.1 kg.
Method of applying contact paste:
  • Before applying the paste, clean the contact surfaces. Remove the dust with a dry rag.
  • Apply a thin layer of paste to one of the surfaces.
  • Combine contacts
  • Remove the paste surplus displaced from the area of contact.
  • When repairing contact, remove the remaining pasta with a solvent, prepare for application.

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