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AD-140S is a shortened rotary dipole for a 40-meter band. The length of the dipole is 15.4m. Shortening is performed with high-Q coils. Such coils practically do not bring losses. The antenna is made of D16T pipes with strong fiberglass insulators. Antenna weight is about 8 kg.

A similar antenna was installed on the T70A radio station in March 2010. The AD-140S was located at an altitude of only 15m - two meters above the log-periodic yagi 14-28 MHz, parallel to the log-periodic yagi boom. During the RDXC 2010, it has introduced itself very well. In comparison with the 40m GP with a height of 10.5 m with 16 counterweights, the AD-140S dipole always won by a signal strength of 0.5-1 points.

To obtain optimal characteristics, it is recommended to install the AD-140S antenna at a height of 18-22 m. At this height, the AD-140S directional diagram becomes a pronounced eight. Gain at an altitude of 22 meters is 7.66 dBi. The angle of maximum radiation is 26.8 degrees to the horizon. SWR with a setting for 7.100 in a band 7.000 - 7.100 - 7.200 is 1.75 - 1.1 - 1.75. SWR with setting for 7.075-7,000-7.075-7.100-7.200 is 1.4-1.1-1.3-2.0



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