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40M3-HQL - new advanced three-element antenna on a 9.6 meters boom.

  • Elements are shortened with high-Q inductance coils which practically does not bring any loss.
  • Elements are supported in a vertical plane with bracing made of polyethylene rope.
  • Antenna has 28 Ohms input resistance. 50 Ohms cable connects to antenna through BU-112 - 1:2 balun (option).
  • Antenna has good directional diagram which is the guarantee of efficient operation on such a hard and interesting band.
  • Low SWR in a wide band provides maximum output to the antenna.
  • Delivery set includes all necessary details for the boom bracing (including turnbuckles) mast is optional
  • Package cosists of two boxes size 2010х210х170мм. Weight 42 kg.
  • Rotors like RAK or BIG-RAK are OK with thrust bearing like GS-065.




Customer Reviews:  (Thursday, 30 April 2020)
Rating: 5
We are using one of those at ZM4T and it is a nice performer and very light (easy handling) with 40 kg for a 3L on 40m. It is one of three 40 m beams
we use and dedicated (fixed installation, no rotor) for South America/EU long path. So if you work ZM4T via long path from Europe we'll be using this
baby. No problem to run a pile up with low power on this antenna.rn73 Holger, ZL3IO / one of the ZM4T team

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