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Model V-24
Inverted L
Band, m 160
H, m 24
Weight, kg

MBV-24 (MultiBand Vertical 24 m) is capacitive loaded 24 m high vertical antenna. Antenna made of tubes of extremely strong aluminium alloy D16T.

Capacity load is 2 bimetallic wires attached to the antenna about 5 meters below it's top. Capacity load wires effectively increase electrical lehgth of the vertical at the same time being part of the antenna guying.

Antenna insulator is 1 m high above ground.

MBV-24 complete set contain 3 guying levels of 5 mm UV-resistant polyethylene rope, hinged base and a plate for gin pole mounting. 4-4.5 meters long gin pole should be used for antenna erecting.

It will only take 2.5-3 hours of two persons to assemble and mount MBV-24.

The TU-4KW-4Band tuning unit or similar is necessary for antenna matching.

For higher efficiency it is recommended to use not less than 32 ground radials 10 to 40 meters long.

Options: gin pole, TU-4KW-4Band tuning unit, ground and/or elevated resonance radials, frame for radials connecting, anchors for ground or concrete floor.

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