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Compact 3-band antenna for 20, 15 and 10m.

Antenna is very easy to mount at your country-side QTH, at the top of high-rise building or even in the field conditions. You can use it as primary antenna as well as secondary (to survey band or to pick-up correspondents) for single- and multi-operator stations.

Simple, compact and effective antenna VILKA consists of three quarter-wave vibrators and a set of tuned radials. We recommend to put antenna onto a 1.5-2 meters high tube.

Antenna set includes 3 guy wires of polyethylene UV-resistant rope.

VILKA has circular pattern. Tuned elevated radials provides high efficiency and low radiation angles.

Antenna feeds with one 50 Ohm coaxial cable through SO-239 connector installed.

Option is antenna-to-mast plate with clamps.


14.000–14.350 kHz: 1.5-1.05-1.5

21.000–21.450 kHz: 1.3-1.05-1.3

28.000–29.000 kHz: 1.5-1.1-1.5

Max. input power: 3 kW.


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