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40m4-HQL-12 - a new highly efficient four-element antenna on a 12m boom (0.28 wavelength). Antenna input resistance 50 Ω.

Elements are shortened with almost zero loss thanks to special coils with high quality.

40m4-HQL-12 uses the active feeding of two elements using the phasing line. As a result of this feeding, the gain and F/B ratio in the band 7.0-7.3 Mhz remains very stable. The SWR in this band does not exceed 1.3 (1.5 at 7300!)

  • Elements are shortened with high-Q inductance coils which practically does not bring any loss.
  • Elements are supported in vertical and horizontal plane with guy wires made of  UV resistant nylon wire.
  • The antenna uses two active elements. The feeding is made using a phasing line.
  • Due to the phased feeding, a band of antenna is 200 kHz with SWR less than 1.3, stable gain and F/B in the entire 40m band!
  • The antenna can be specifically optimized for operation in a stack of several identical antennas.
  • Package cosists of two boxes size 2010х210х170мм. Weight 70 kg.
  • The package includes antenna to mast mounting device and T-shaped boom guying with turnbuckles.
  • Rotors like BIG-RAK are OK with thrust bearing like GS-065.



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