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Antenna Switch RK-226
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Antenna Switch RK-226

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The RK-226 antenna switch provides simultaneous connection of two antennas of different bands (any of six) to two transceivers or amplifiers.

A special connection circuit for power and signal relays provides double electromechanical blocking and completely eliminates the possibility of connecting one antenna or filter simultaneously to the outputs of two transceivers.
High isolation between the inputs was achieved thanks to the original architecture of the printed circuit board, good shielding inside the case, as well as a special circuit for connecting switching relays. When connecting antennas to the recommended outputs, the isolation between any ranges will be more than 85 dB!, which is unattainable for any similar switch from other manufacturers, where this parameter usually does not exceed 65 dB at a frequency of 28 MHz.

To reduce the introduced SWR for each input, compensation for reactance brought in by the mounting capacitance and the intercontact capacitance of the relay is applied.

High power is provided by special relays with powerful switching contacts, as well as the original printed circuit board architecture.

All unconnected antenna outputs are grounded. When the power is turned off, all antenna outputs are also grounded.

The die-cast aluminum housing provides a high degree of shielding and protection against radio interference.

For independent control of antenna switching, it is possible to use two FD-001 manual control panels.

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