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This 16-element antenna with a 9.6m boom for 2 m band is the largest of our VHF antennas. It is designed to achieve maximum parameters in the 144-144.5 MHz band. Nevertheless, 2m16 covers the entire 2 m only with a slight deterioration in the characteristics in the upper part of the band.

The side lobes of the diagram are strongly suppressed, which makes it possible to stack two or more antennas.

2M16 is designed for long-term electrical and mechanical strength. The boom is made of D16T alloy pipes. The elements are made of a 6 mm bar of alloy 6061-T6. The elements are isolated from the boom by special fasteners made of UV-resistant polyethylene, which are fastened with stainless steel screws. The antenna is fixed to the pole with duralumin plate and galvanized U-bolts.
The lying folded driver is a key element of the antenna, providing a wide band and low SWR over the entire band. The driver feed is placed in a sealed box, which is attached to the boom.

The boom is guyed withan UV–resistant polyethylene cord (optional - Mastrant cord).

Packing – 1 box 200*15*7 cm, weight 8.4 kg.

Range, MHz 144.000-146.000
Gain, dBi/dBd max. 16.78 / 14.63 (144.300)
F/b ratio, dB max. 40.7 (144.500)
Lobe width, deg. E and H planes E=28 H=30
Feeding Lying folded driver
Input impedance 50 ohms (unbalanced)
SWR 1.05-1.01-1.07
Input connector N-type female
Maximum power, kW 1 (2 kW is optional)
Rotation radius, m 5
Stacking distance, m
Boom length, mm 9650
Elements diameter, mm 6
Boom diameter, mm 26-30-35-30-26-22
Wind area, m2 / max. wind m/sec 0.32 / 30
Installation weight, kg 8

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