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RA4LW Ring Rotator
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RA4LW Ring Rotator

Price: 1250,00 €

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RA4LW Ring Rotator

This rotator is intended for rotation of the antennas with a total turnover of 360 degrees. Can be mounted on the installed mast at any height. Allows you to maximize the features of the antennas installed below the top, rotating them in any direction.

Rotation speed is  42 s /360 deg.

Models of the rotary device are available for installation on the masts of the square cross section with a side of 300 and 400 mm.
The diameter of the antenna boom is 50/55/60 mm.

All metal parts are electrochemical galvanized.

Weight: 46/51 kg

RelayUnit - Engine Rotation Direction controller

LWRR Relay Unit
V1.0 For single-phase 220V
V2.0 For three-phase 380V




LWRR Remote Control V1.0

Antenna rotation control panel with 4-line display. The antenna rotation is made by choosing of the desired direction using the "Direction" knob. Prohibits rotation through the south (180 deg) from any position.



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