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SPX Azimuth Rotator
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SPX Azimuth Rotator

Price: 397,00 €

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SPX AZ - Light Duty, low weight, low cost solution to rotate in azimuth rotation your antenna, small dish, astronomy telescope, camera and many more which must be rotated smoothly.

Supplied controller comes with build in Track interface (USB), lot of tracking program available and easy to install on your Lap-Top or PC and connect the Controller through USB.
But if you prefer you can operate manual by pressing the buttons on the front of the panel or supplied mouse


  • Operating modes: manual, automatic, scanning, programmable
  • Digital indication with a resolution of 1 degree
  • Large easily readable LED display
  • USB cable included
  • AZ rotor requires an external power source +12 ... 18 V
  • Can be reset in any position, which allows you to level the inaccuracies of the installation or scrolling of the antenna in the mount
  • Large crossing (+/- 180)
  • Programmable limits of rotation - ideal for the side installation of the rotor
  • Mouse manipulator with 6 programmable pre-installations
Two models of the rotator are available:


Model Weight, kg
Torque, nm
Max vertical load, kg
Rotation speed @ +15V / 360o
SPX AZ-01 4,5 50 30 50
SPX AZ-02 6 80 40 50

The rotator is supplied with PLATE 1 и PLATE 4.

It is possible to supply a rotator with other mounts:

  • PLATE 2 - replacing a standard plate for installing a rotor on a flat surface (pic.)
  • MOUNT 3 - replacing a standard plate for installing a rotor on a vertical pipe (pic.)
  • MOUNT 5 - mount for installing a vertical pipe in the rotor (pic.)

Delivery set:

  • Rotator SPX AZ-01 (SPX AZ-02)
  • Controller ROT1PROG
  • USB cable
  • Mouse manipulator

The rotator can be bought without a control unit - select the order options below.






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