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RAS/HR rotator with digital controller MD-02 (USB interface).

RAS/HR - a powerful rotating device, excellently suitable for the rotation of arrays of VHF antennas and satellite dishes. Reliably positions parabolic plates with a diameter of up to 3 m or the Yagi complex up to 4 x 14 elements for 144 MHz and 8 x 32 elements per 432 MHz. The torque at the supply voltage of 18 V is 1.800 In/Lb (203 N/m), the effective brake force is 14,000 in/Lb (1.582 N/m) for each system - azimuth and elevation. These parameters are much better than other AZ-EL rotary devices on the market, such as the Yaesu G-5500.

In this version of the rotor (HR - High Resolution), the reed switch sensor is replaced by the Hall sensor (high-precision sensors used in the iPhone and other devices) to obtain a resolution of 0.2 degrees!

Like all ALFASPID rotators, RAS/HR is equipped with high-quality double worm transmission system (less complexity = more reliability) in both azimutal and elevaional parts. 720 degrees of turning along azimuth and 180 degrees for elevation, an accuracy of 0.2 degrees, a direct 12-wire control cable. Due to its reliable design, this rotary device can be used in various systems without using the support bearing.

The double worm transmission means the absence of breakdowns in a noisy mechanical braking system, and the hall sensor means the absence of failures in the operation of the potentiometer. Works from voltage 12-18 V; You can take RAS/HR with you in the field and power it from the automobile network or, of course, install it at your station.

One of the features of a high gear ratio of double worm transmission is the inability to turn the output shaft by putting an effort to it. It can only rotate when the input shaft rotates. So, when the feed stops going to the rotor, the "brake" works automatically. When the power is connected, the "brake" is turned off in the same way. Unlike other popular rotors using brake wedges operating in the range of 6 degrees, the worm gear holds the antenna in place with an accuracy of a fraction of a degree.

All High Resolution rotators from Alfaspid are used with new generation digital controllers MD-01 or MD-02. These new controllers can control two azimuth (RAU, RAK, BIG-RAK) or one AZ-EL Rotor (RAS or BIG-RAS), as well as high-resolution rotors: RAK/HR, BIG-RAK/HR and BIG-RAS/HR.

  • Accuracy - 0,2°
  • Controller MD-02 (MD-01 for 19'' rack installation)
  • Software for controlling the controller MD-02 via PC
  • Connection to PC via USB port
  • Built-in tracking interface (EME, satellites, etc.)

We recommend using the PS-02 power supply for the rotor and MD-02.
PS-02 is a power supply for two voltages, connected to MD-02.


Voltage/parameter 18V
Max. torque, in lbs/Nm 1800 in lb/203 Nm
Rotation time (360°) 90-120 s
Breaking torque 14000 in lb/1582 Nm
Brake construction Double worm
Vertical load 250 kg
Resolution 0,2°
Rotation angle 720°/180°
Weight 14 kg
Position sensor
Hall sensor
Mast diameter vert./horiz. 66/50 mm
355х125 mm
The kit includes:
  • Rotary mechanism - Rotor RAS/HR;
  • MD-02 or MD-01 digital controller;
  • MD-01dde Software (to control rotor from PC)
  • Build in track interface MD-02 (USB)
  • USB driver
  • IP-68 Connectors
Package weight: 17 kg

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