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LF filters arrow Lowpass filter LPF «BARRIER-HP»

Lowpass filter LPF «BARRIER-HP»
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Lowpass filter LPF «BARRIER-HP»

Price: 240,00 €

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Bandwidth (in level-3dB), MHz: 0 - 32
band suppression MHz: above 48
losses in the passband, dB: 0.4
Attenuation band attenuation, not less, dB :: 80
second and subsequent weakening of the main harmonics signal, not less, dB: 80
Maximum permissible napreryvnaya power, W: 3500
Permissible peak power. not more, W: 5000
voltage standing wave ratio, not more than 1.2
Impedance, Ohm: 50
Dimensions without connectors, mm: 600x120x110
Weight, kg: 3


Powerful inductive capacitive passive low-pass filter 9 order, designed to be installed at the output of transmitters operating in the frequency range 0 .. 30MHz. Spurious radiation can suppress the transmitter.

The filter is formed in the aluminum body paneled powder coated with a polymeric light-gray or white color. For efficient heat provides active cooling system - at one end of a fan 80x80mm (12Vdc 0.2 A), the ventilation holes are made in the form of a protective grille. The filter design allows for complete installation (suspension) directly on the wall or place on rack, shelf, desk, etc.

Filter set on the meter removed complex transmission and reflection coefficients (vector network analyzer) Frequency response and VSWR. These graphs show the most detailed characteristics of each particular filter.


Example graphs (shot from the actual filter)

АЧХ фильтра LPF «Barrier» в полосе частот 0..200МГц

Графики КСВН (S11, синий) и АЧХ (S21, зеленый) в полосе пропускания фильтра LPF «BARRIER»

Drawing filter housing:

Габаритные и установочные размеры LPF «BARRIER»

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