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2 Radio 6 Antennas Switch
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2 Radio 6 Antennas Switch

Price: 200,00 €

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High quality powerful multi antenna switching device. Provide simultaneous connection of two antennas (bandpass filters) of different bands (any of six) to two transceivers (amplifiers). A special wiring diagram for powerful and signal relays provides double electromechanical interlocking and completely excludes the connection of one antenna (filter) to the outputs of two transceivers simultaneously.

High isolation between inputs was achieved thanks to the original PCB architecture, good shielding inside the housing, and a special switching relay circuit. When connecting antennas to the recommended outputs, the isolation between any ranges in RK-226 will be more than 85 dB! (and in RK-226BPF more than 90 dB !), which is unattainable for any similar switch from other manufacturers, where this parameter usually does not exceed 65 dB at 28 MHz. To reduce the VSWR introduced for each input, the reactivity compensation introduced by the mounting capacitance and the contact capacitance of the relay is applied. High power is provided by special relays with powerful changeover contacts, as well as the original PCB architecture.


-Designed for installation on a mast, can also be located indoors.

- Each device is tested and configured individually

- When no power is supplied, all antenna connectors are grounded

- Unused ports are grounded- Special PCB architecture provides low VSWR and minimal insertion loss over the entire 1.8 to 60 MHz range

- The relays used are designed for peak loads of 10KV / 16A

- Connectors used - SO-239

- Rugged aluminum casing with a thickness of about 3 mm gives good protection from the external environment, also excellent shielding against interference

- Connect up to 6 antennas


Impedance: 50Ω,

Operating frequency range: 0 ... 60 MHz

1,5 KW CW / SWR <1: 3 in the range 30 - 60 MHz

2 KW CW / VSWR <2 in the range 1.8 - 30 MHz

3 KW CW / VSWR <1.5 in the range 1.8 - 30 MHz

Maximum VSWR 3:1

Signal attenuation: <0,03 dB @ 30 MHz

Inserted VSWR :

<1:1,02 @ 1,8 MHz 
<1:1,07 @ 14 МHz 
<1:1,15 @ 28 МHz

Isolation dB :

98 - 120 dB** @ 1,8 MHz 
83 - 105 dB** @ 14 MHZ
78 - 93 dB** @ 28 Mhz


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