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Bandpass filter set BPF-Luxury
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Bandpass filter set BPF-Luxury

Price: 650,00 €

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The set is purposed to provide RF compatibility of a few simultaneously transmitted signals at amateur radio stations.
This set is targeted to the contest club stations competing in multi transmitter categories, to individual SO2R contesters and to major DX-peditions. Unlike the BPF filters, the BPF Luxury are assembled according to the altered schematic at application of high-quality ferrites made by Micrometalls Co., what improves performance of the filters, particularly isolation between adjacent amateur bands.

Each set includes 6 filters: BPF-1.8 BPF-3.5 BPF-7 BPF-14 BPF-21 BPF-28 (for the 1.8; 3.5; 7; 14; 21; 28 MHz bands accordingly).
The filters are installed between the transceiver and power amplifier, to cut off the interference from the radio emission on another band.

Passband loss < 0.6 dB
Characteristic impedace: 50 Ohm
Isolation between adjacent amateur bands: > 80dB
SWR > 1.25:1
Continuous power rating: 200 W.

Each BPF and BPF LUXURY filter set is provided with the frequency response diagrams measured on the automated test bench. These diagrams show the actual response in maximum detail for each specific filter included in the set.

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