Quality: How we make our antennas
  • The key feature is that we use durable and qualitative materials.
  • All elements and booms are made of high-tensile aluminum alloy "D16T". (Comparison table for durability of some aluminium alloys)
  • Elements and booms are made of tubes with adjacent diameters, which provides sliding tubes fit, slender profile (therefore, minor wind load), small weight and above all - very high structural strength.
  • Most threaded connections are made of stainless steel. Some of hardware parts are galvanized or cadmium-plated.
  • All tubes and aluminum alloy details mechanically polished to get a dull luster.
  • Insulating materials used in antennas are teflon, fiber-glass plastic, polyamide, kevlar.
  • With a special stamp and a high pressure press, the plates made from Al-Mg-Mn alloys (AMG6) are formed into original "Element-to-Boom" mounts. Similarly we make elements supporting brackets.
  • For boom assemblage we developed special master plate. It makes all the element mounts to be positioned in a straight line on a boom, that makes it possible to locate the elements strictly parallel to each other. Thereby we ensure workability and an assembling accuracy.
  • We perform drilling holes for rivets with special drill jigs that guarantee identity of all the dimensions.
  • For antennas construction we are also use other purpose-built equipment that makes us possible to achieve high quality of our antennas.

Quotation from a reference book
GOST 18482-79
Alloy Wall thickness, mm Ultimate strength, kgf/mm2, not less
Yield point, kgf/mm2, not less Percent elongation, not less
АМг6 2,5 to 40,0 32 15 15
АД31 2,0 to 40,0 18,5 12 10
АД35 2,0 to 40,0 27,5 20,5 10
Д1 3,0 to 4,0 34 22 10
Д16 3,0 to 4,0 38 26 10

And below you can see quotation from Quality Certificate № 44/30 by Samara Aluminium Factory, given for tubes we use in our antennas:

  Ultimate strength, kgf/mm2 Yield point, kgf/mm2 Percent elongation
Hardened and naturally aged
Tube diameters 10 to 60 mm, wall thickness 1,0 to 2,0 mm min max min max %
47,5 56,2 31,5 41,0 14-19,3